750HP and All-Electric: Maybach Vision Ultimate Luxury SUV

The Vision Ultimate Luxury is designed to be the “Maybach” of SUVs

Maybach Vision Ultimate Luxury While just a concept at this time, the Mercedes-Maybach Vision Ultimate Luxury may just be a glimpse of the future design of the brand. The front is flanked by a huge chrome grille, swept-back headlights, and huge air intake openings. The wheels look like like they are 24″ and feature a turbine design. The rear end looks like a Maybach sedan, albeit lifted to SUV standards. The overall look is polarizing, but we must remember that this is a concept car, and final designs are usually much less dramatic.

For the power-train, the Mercedes-Maybach Vision Ultimate Luxury boasts 75BHP, from 4 electric motors that provide AWD for the SUV. The batteries lay flat on the floor of the SUV. The top speed is limited to 155MPH or 250KPH, while the batteries offer 80 kWh and an EPA range of over 200 miles. With the use of DC fast charging at 350 kW, the Vision Ultimate Luxury can gain 60 miles of range in 5 minutes.

Please take a look at these photos and let us know what you think about this Ultimate SUV concept.