How to: remove and install ML W164 Headlights (ML350, ML500, ML63 AMG, ML550, ML320 CDI)

This article will describe in detail how to remove and install headlights on the W164 ML-Class Mercedes-Benz.

Tools Needed:

Plastic Clip Remover Tool or Pliers, 8mm and 10mm Socket, 3/8 Ratchet, Socket Extension

Step 1: Remove the two clips circled in yellow and labeled as “1” and “2” inside the front fender well. Remove these clips from both sides.

W164 Headlight removal

Remove the two clips circled in yellow.

Step 2: Remove the 10mm screw circled in yellow. Remove this 10mm bolt from both sides.

how to remove w164 headlights

remove 10mm bolts from both sides

Step 3: Remove last hidden screw on both sides. The screw is hidden behind the fender liner in the wheel well. Fold the fender liner back to reveal a 8mm screw. Remove the 8mm screw. It is located between the lining of your car’s fender and bumper.
(Pro tip: turning the steering in the opposite direction will give you more room to work.)

w164 headlight removal

Remove this last hidden screw

Step 4: Remove remove the metal holding clip that secures the bumper to the fender.
You must pull the pins off of the metal clip first before removing it. There is one metal clip in each front wheel well.

w164 headlight removal

remove this metal clip that secures the bumper to each front fender.

Step 5: loosen the plastic floating bumper holder holding the front bumper to the truck’s body. Loosen the 8mm screw to slide the bumper off.

How to remove w164 front bumper

Loosen the 8mm screw on the floating bumper almost free and ready to be removed shortly.

Step 6: Loosen the four 8mm screws from the top of your grille. Additionally, you might need to remove six clips attached to the bottom of the bumper (pointed out by the arrows) if you have the under-body plastic or armor.

how to remove w164 grille

Remove the grille screws

Step 7: Remove all connectors and slide bumper off of truck. In our case, we had a temp sensor attached and had to disconnect it before removing the bumper.

w164 bumper removal

Remove any electrical connectors holding bumper in place before fully removing the bumper.

Step 8: Remove two 8mm screws on top of the headlight by loosening them with an 8mm socket.

w164 headlight removal

Remove these 8mm screws.

Step 9: You will now be able to see the last 8mm screw that needs to be removed before you can remove your headlights. Repeat for both sides.

w164 headlight removal

Remove this bolt, circled in yellow before removing the headlight.

Step 10: With all the three headlight mounting screws removed, you will be able to remove your headlights from your car. When removing your headlights, please be mindful of where the electrical connections are and carefully unplug them.

w164 headlights

Install is reverse of removal!

Step 11: Enjoy the new look!

w164 black led headlights

Our headlights look great!