Mercedes Flashback – The Ultimate Truck: Unimog

Are you a fan of heavy duty vehicles? Do you love big trucks? Then you’ll love the Mercedes-Benz Unimog!

Unimog Mercedes-Benz Body Styles

The Unimog might be the worlds most capable off-road machine. In German, Unimog is an acronym for “UNIversal-MOtor-Gerät.” Where Gerät is the German word for machine or device. The first Unimogs were used in agricultural applications, being used to mow fields or operate saws in the foresting industry. The Unimog was designed with all-wheel-drive and with equal size tires, to enable a higher on road speed. According to Wikipedia, “With their very high ground clearance and a flexible frame that is essentially a part of the suspension, Unimogs are not designed to carry as much load as regular trucks.”

Unimogs are used in several industrial applications, farm uses, municipal uses, and as snow plows. They are extremely versatile and have can be designed to set up for a wide variety of uses. Additionally, portal gears, a very high ground clearance, and flexible frame that allows it go virtually anywhere. The cab allows for high visibility, the steering can be switched from left hand drive to right hand drive for ultra visibility, and there are several different options available for configurating the Unimog.

Although only sold in the USA for around 5 years, the Unimog is still being sold the world over. It is a very nice, capable truck that is a true workforce!