A Mercedes-Benz Classic: W124 500E and E500

500E Front End Euro

Hand Built. Porsche Type 2758. Mercedes and Porsche collaboration. 5.0L M118 V8. Flared Fenders.

These facts are about one of the best, factory-built performance cars of the early 1990s: the 500E and E500. Based on the W124 E-Class that debuted for the 1986 model year, the special 500E and E500 were produced from 1991-1994. The only year the E500 was offered was in 1994, where it received the same facelift found throughout the W124 lineup.

Featuring a modified R129 M118 V8 engine, this special W124 made 322 HP and 354 Ft. Lbs. of Torque. Impressive numbers, especially for a vehicle built in the early 90s. Initial acceleration figures measured by automotive enthusiast magazines quoted the 500E as accelerating to 60MPH in 5.5 seconds.

Braking came courtesy of front SL500 R129 Chassis 300 mm disks with 4-piston calipers for early 500E models. Later 93 and up models featured 320 mm front brakes taken from the 600SL R129 Chassis. All 500E and E500 models featured 278 mm rear brakes used in the 500SL R129 Chassis.

The E500/500E chassis featured several tweaks: it was .9mm lower and had a 1.5mm wider track than the basic W124. The body work was also modified, including flared front fenders, an aggressive front air-dam, revised rear bumper, and 225/55-16 sized tires. 

The interior featured 4 bucket seats supplied by Recaro, and came fully loaded expect for a CD Changer and Integrated Cellular Phone. Front seats were heated and the interior was leather clad.

1505 Units were imported to the USA. Considered a classic by many auto enthusiasts as well as Mercedes-Benz, the E500 and 500E were truly special automobiles. Made in limited numbers and with staggering performance for its day, the w124 chassis 500E and E500 desired because they were the ultimate performance sedan of the 1990s.

Values are expected to rise for clean examples. Expect to pay around 10,000$ USD for a moderate mileage decent example. Clean, low-mileage vehicles can cost upwards of 25,000$ USD.