How to: remove and install ML W163 Headlights (ML320, ML350, ML430, ML500, ML55 AMG)

This article will describe in detail how to remove and install headlights on the W163 ML-Class Mercedes-Benz.

Tools Needed:

10mm Socket
3/8 Ratchet
Socket Extension

Step 1. Open the hood. Locate the headlights. In the picture below, you will see a red circle. That red circle shows a 10mm screw. Use the ratchet to loosen the screw by turning it counter-clockwise.

ml headlight diy


ml headlight diy 1


Step 2:

You will need to remove the lower headlight trim. You will do so by pressing down on the headlight trim fastener. Next, you will reach behind the trim and gently press the trim out of the mounting location. You will also need to pry the trim out of the leading edge of the headlight, as shown on third picture below.

ml headlight diy 2ml headlight diy 3

ml headlight diy 4

Step 3:

Remove two 10mm screws located on the lower portion of the headlight. These are easy to locate and you can use the same 10mm socket wrench to remove them. Please see the pictures below for the location of these screws.

ml headlight diy 5ml headlight diy 6

Step 4:

On the top of the headlight, towards the fender area, you will see a tab. You will need to lift up on the tab to be able to remove the headlight from the vehicle. Next step would be to remove the two electrical plugs from the back of the headlight. Please see the pictures below:

ml headlight diy 8ml headlight diy 7

For installation, just reverse the process shown above. Below you will see the completed look once the headlights are installed.

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