The New G-Class Interior Revealed

If you are anxiously waiting for the reveal of the new G-Class, we have a sneak peak of the interior!

The new G-Wagen will be fully revealed soon, but at this point in time, we have a definitive idea of how the interior will look. The look interior mimics the look of other upscale Mercedes-Benz models, like the S-Class and CLS-Class. The center dash is flanked by a large glass covered center screen, lots of metal buttons that are specific to the G-Wagen, and intricate vents that look similar to the ones shown in the new CLS.

Mercedes retained the three buttons for the mechanical-locking differentials in the center of the dashboard and then built the rest of the dash around them.

Equipped for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, the G-Wagen also has inductive phone charging, two USB plugs in the front and one in the rear, and each front seat will have a clip for rear-seat entertainment tablets. The G-Wagen will have only one size of glass (not steel) sunroof.

There is also talk of a profession version, with a stripped out interior for clients who really like to put their Wagens to work. A Mercedes-Benz insider said that, “There is also the possibility to do a pickup version. Not for the first generation, though.”

The G-Wagen will still have a huge amount of headroom (originally there to accommodate helmeted heads), a dash-mounted grab handle, and thin doors and A-pillars.

The G-Wagen will continue with a ladder-frame chassis, and switching to an aluminum alloy mix to increase torsional rigidity by roughly 30 percent. It will also aid in the removal of 350 pounds from the current G’s 5,724-lb curb weight, putting it at roughly 5,368 lbs. It will retain its 7,716-lb towing capacity.

It will be 0.8 inches wider, it gives a 3.9-inch improvement in its wading depth, and a 360-degree camera help to increase visibility and movement around in the cabin.

The new G-Wagen will debut in Detroit next month. Initially, the G500 will be offered with a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8. Expect to see a new 2.9-liter straight-six turbodiesel and a four-cylinder turbodiesel later in production.

The Mercedes-Benz nine-speed automatic transmission will be in every model. The G will use a permanent, mechanical all-wheel-drive system that feeds through three individually lockable differentials.

Look at the pictures and let us know what you think!