Spy Shots: New Mercedes G-Class Interior Photos!

Looking at the photo, the new G Class’s interior will take cues from modern Mercedes vehicles

Looking at the images, the new interior will have a similar style MB large screen/tablet that will display the infotainment information along with a set of analog gauges. The venerable off-road grab handle is still present, along with the center of vent mounted differential locking buttons. The dash is also short and below eye level, making visibility great!

Looking at the exterior and interior photos, what do you think of the new G-Class? Let us know!

How to install LED bulbs in your Mercedes headlights

In this article, we will show you how to install LED running lights in your Mercedes headlights.

You will need:

Basic hand tools and T10 LED bulbs

Step 1. Open your hood and locate your headlights.

Step 2. Remove the back cover of your headlight bulbs. It is a black circular cover. Turn left or counterclockwise to open the cover.

Step 3. With the cover open, locate the running light.

Step 4. Once located, pull the bulb holder out using slight pressure.

Step 5. Pull your halogen bulb out and get your LED bulb ready.

Step 6. Insert LED bulb into bulb holder making sure the polarity is correct. This is really important, since the bulb will not light up if the polarity is not correct.

Step 7. Insert bulb holder back into headlight.

Step 8. Enjoy the look of your new LED bulbs!

Preview: Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar ($3 Million Dollar Price)

The Mercedes-AMG Project One looks to be a F1 car for the street!

With an estimated horsepower figure of 700+ for the gasoline engine, the 1.6L turbocharged 6-cylinder engine will redline at around 11,000 RPM. There will be an 107 horsepower electric motor powering and assisting the split-turbo setup the engine uses, to reduce engine lag and keep the turbo happy. There will also be an electric motor for the front crankshaft, and two electric motors for the front drive wheels. The total system output will be close to 1,000 horsepower or more, and the Project One will have a EV-Only range of 15.5 miles. The transmission is a eight-speed single-clutch automatic made by Xtrac – a supplier of F1 transmissions.

Stay tuned for more information on this amazing F1 inspired hypercar from Mercedes-AMG.