2019 Mercedes-AMG GT sedan Spy Shots

We have gathered more photos of the forthcoming Mercedes-AMG GT sedan. This curvy sedan is meant to fight against the Audi A7, Porsche Panamera, BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe, and more.

Take a look at the pictures and let us know what you think!


How To Purchase A Used Mercedes-Benz…Continued #2

W126 S-Class 380SE 420SEL 560SEL (1985-1991)

The W126 has a reputation. It is universally accepted as the vehicle used my many of the world’s elite rulers, dictators and royal families. It has an iconic shape recognized immediately by people in the know. The W126 further established Mercedes-Benz as the ultimate road car for people with wealth and power. It’s good then, that the W126 was such a nice automobile. With features like adjustable rear seats with seat heaters, hydro pneumatic rear suspension, a full suite of electronics, and sophisticated design, it was the car to own and be seen.

  1. Again, with older vehicles, this will be an issue. For this reason, check the following areas on a prospective car that you’re thinking of purchasing: the front edges of the fenders, the rocker sill area, the rear fender edges, the area around the front and rear windshields, and the trunk and trunk floor. Also important is to check the suspension mounting areas on the subframes front and rear for potential rust issues.
  2. Timing Chain and Timing Chain Guides. The timing chain guides in early and late W126 models used weak plastic guides for their construction. These can sometimes break when becoming brittle over many years and miles. This can cause catastrophic engine damage if not addressed. This can be a costly repair, so ensure that the vehicle you are looking at has had the guides addressed.
  3. Oil Leaks. The W126 in general had a robust drive train, but there are issues to look out for. For instance, oilleakage from the timing cover seal is very common along with the top timing chain cover. Additionally, it is important to look at the vehicle’s oil usage and consumption to ensure the engine is healthy. Furthermore, leakage can occur around the valve cover gaskets, so it’s a good to look at the gaskets with a flashlight to ensure they aren’t leaking. It would also be wise to ask the owner if the vehicle is using any oil. Take a look at the underside of the vehicle to make sure it looks dry and clean.
  4. The W126 was available with a manual (Euro Models) or automatic transmission. The manual transmission, while not the crispest shifting unit, was very well made and handled the power of the engine easily (380 engine.) There are limited issues with the manual transmission, other than a clutch or flywheel wearing down from use. The automatic transmission, a 4 Speed unit, was also generally well suited to the character of the car and can last a very long time. To check the operation of the automatic transmission, it is advised to put the vehicle in reverse and see how long it takes to engage the gear. Longer than a 5 second delay can indicate worn mechanicals, which may mean a rebuild or replacement of the unit may be necessary in the future.
  5. Wood trim. Mercedes-Benz used lots of wood in the 1980s and 1990s. Their dash designs were very clean and elegant and had a vast horizontal center wood piece and dash trim piece around the shifter. These wood trims are prone to cracking, warping and losing their luster over time. While very normal with any material that suffers from extended sun exposure and temperature extremes, second-hand pieces in good condition can be hard to find. Complete replacement wood trim pieces are available for purchase, but often are too expensive to justify the cost.
  6. Heating/Air Conditioning. It’s important to ensure that your prospective purchase has a well functioning HVAC system. Many of the flaps used to dictate air direction were powered by a vacuum system, with many hoses that can deteriorate over time. Additionally, you will want to ensure the fan speed goes up and down correctly, as well making sure the AC is working. Getting into the dash to replace or repair items can be very costly (such as the evaporator). Additionally, it’s not fun driving without heat or A/C! It is a Mercedes, after all!
  7. The W126 was the most advanced Mercedes-Benz model of its time. This means lots and lots of electric items inside the cabin. For this reason, it is a very good idea to check all of the electrical items within the car to make sure they are working correctly. This includes seat heaters, power seat adjustments, the sunroof, the ignition switch, and radio reception.
  8. Engine sensors and fuses. If the car doesn’t start easily after a drive, it may need a warm up regulator or fuel pressure model. Either can cause hard cold starts or hard warm starts, of which both which aren’t fun!
  9. Rear pneumatic suspension. If the car you are test driving is the 560 model or has the pneumatic rear suspension, check to see if the car has bouncy ride or that the rear is sitting lower than it should. This could mean a leaking shock or auxiliary parts for the rear suspension. If the system is working correctly, you should have a very smooth ride.