Spied – Upcoming 2017 MB Cars and Trucks Lineup

New entries in the lineup include a E-Class All Terrain Wagon, an MB pickup truck, and AMG GT C.


According to the chart above, we can see that there will be some interesting changes coming up for the 2017 model year. There looks to be a Mercedes Benz Pickup, a E-Class Coupe, and our personal favorite – the E-Class Wagon All Terrain. Additionally, we can see the continued developmentĀ of the Smart EV line. Another interesting vehicle is the Gla Coupe, which is kind of weird to see. Honestly, the GLA already has a very coupe like look, so we were surprised to see this.

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Mercedes to make a Tesla Competitor?

According to sources in Australia, Mercedes is planning on launching an electric sports sedan with 300 Mile electric range.



A sedan, which will likely be all-wheel-drive and geared towards the performance electric segment of the market, may cost as much as $200,000. It may be using technology that it has gathered while creating the B-class and Smart EV models. The sedan is likely to be on a tighter schedule than other models from Tesla, based on Mercedes’ history of getting products to the market quickly.
Tell us, would you rather have an electric Mercedes or the Tesla?