New Maybach Models Coming

Mercedes has announced more models for their Maybach lineup including the Maybach Pullman and the S550 4Matic Maybach. These vehicles are used to enhanced the Maybach sub brand while promoting the prestige of the Mercedes luxury line. You likely won’t see any AMG Maybach models, as they are separate sub brands of Mercedes and they will not mix. The Maybach line really pushes the envelope of luxury and it wants to expand with the even longer Pullman model and the S550 4Matic which will likely aid buyers in cold weather climates. The S550 4Matic is being used as it is easier to mate the 4Matic system to the V8 versus trying to adapt it to the V12 engine.

In related news, Mercedes will also be introducing the S-Class Cabrio and the G550 will be dropping it’s V8 engine in favor of the twin-turbo V6 found in the GL550.

Mercedes Benz CLA250 Shooting Brake

Like the CLS Shooting Brake, the CLA version wont make it to the USA

Mercedes has revealed their second uber sexy wagon, the CLA250 Shooting Brake. Like it’s CLS counterpart, the CLA variant makes due with some seriously good looking curves. In fact, in our eyes, it looks like a much more cohesive design. The CLA Shooting Brake will be available in all forms that the sedan comes in, including the CLA45 AMG Shooting Brake.


Mercedes-Maybach S600 Revealed!

Mercedes’ Uber S-Class mixed with Maybach Magic


Make no mistake, this is a New Maybach. Mercedes announced that, “Mercedes-Maybach is not an equipment line – it is a sub-brand that in the future will provide Mercedes-Benz vehicles in an even more exclusive form. Alongside Mercedes-AMG, Mercedes-Maybach is thus the second sub-brand in the Mercedes-Benz brand world. Providing both prestige and exclusivity, it is aimed at customers for whom status is important.” Having made no new “Maybach” models since 2012, Mercedes recently introduced its Mercedes-Maybach S600. This is the Uber S-class, stretched a full 8.1 inches, making it longer than a standard S-Class at 214.6 inches. The wheelbase is lengthened 7.9 inches and is 132.5 inches long. All of this stretch provides a carnivorous amount of room for the back passengers. It will be the luxury sedan that’s affordable for the very wealthy, but provides the sleek look and high quality of existing S-Class.

The main features, stylistically of the Mercedes-Maybach is:

Front end design:
 Dominant radiator trim with large radiator opening and three double louvres in chrome
 Subtle vertical chrome trim
 Double trim in the air intakes on the right and left
 Double trim in the bottom end piece of the bumpers

Rear end design:
 Horizontal lines emphasise the vehicle’s width
 Two tailpipe trim elements in chrome integrated into the bumper
with vertical partition
 Chrome double louvres in the bottom section of the bumper covering
add the perfect finishing touch to the vehicle
 Maybach lettering on the trunk (mounted on the left in direction
of travel)

The entire interior is finished off in stunning real leather, wood, chrome, and metal finishes. The interior is simply gorgeous and offers a truly luxurious seating arrangement. The rear seats can recline between 19 and 43.5 degrees and cushioned, pop-out ottomans. Ah, the good life! Mercedes also claims that it’s the worlds quietest sedan.

According the Mercedes press release, “The US market launch of the Mercedes-Maybach S600 is scheduled for April 2015. Its V12 biturbo engine has an output of 523 hp. With a displacement of 5980 cc, the maximum torque of 612 lb-ft is available from 1900 rpm.”

Overall this seems to be a modern interpretation of the classic Mercedes 600. Bravo Mercedes-Maybach! Check out the images of the vehicle below.


Mercedes Flashback – The Ultimate Truck: Unimog

Are you a fan of heavy duty vehicles? Do you love big trucks? Then you’ll love the Mercedes-Benz Unimog!

Unimog Mercedes-Benz Body Styles

The Unimog might be the worlds most capable off-road machine. In German, Unimog is an acronym for “UNIversal-MOtor-Gerät.” Where Gerät is the German word for machine or device. The first Unimogs were used in agricultural applications, being used to mow fields or operate saws in the foresting industry. The Unimog was designed with all-wheel-drive and with equal size tires, to enable a higher on road speed. According to Wikipedia, “With their very high ground clearance and a flexible frame that is essentially a part of the suspension, Unimogs are not designed to carry as much load as regular trucks.”

Unimogs are used in several industrial applications, farm uses, municipal uses, and as snow plows. They are extremely versatile and have can be designed to set up for a wide variety of uses. Additionally, portal gears, a very high ground clearance, and flexible frame that allows it go virtually anywhere. The cab allows for high visibility, the steering can be switched from left hand drive to right hand drive for ultra visibility, and there are several different options available for configurating the Unimog.

Although only sold in the USA for around 5 years, the Unimog is still being sold the world over. It is a very nice, capable truck that is a true workforce!


Mercedes New Nomenclature Revealed

Mercedes-Benz has updated their naming structure for their SUV models, drive lines, and Maybach.

Mercedes Naming Structure 2 Mercedes Naming Structure


Beginning in 2015, Mercedes-Benz will change the nomenclature for many of it’s models. the main changes consist of a new naming format for its SUVs. The GLK will now be the GLC, the ML will become the GLE, and the GL will become the GLS. There will also be a GLE-C, which is a X6 style sport SUV. The other change comes from the SLK, which will now be called the SLC.

The drive train designations will change:

  • C – Compressed natural gas, replacing “Natural Gas Drive”
  • D – Diesel (Replaces CDI and BlueTech)
  • E – Electric
  • F – Fuel cell which is currently “F-Cell”
  • H – Hybrid, including diesel hybrids models

This new naming structure will help Mercedes streamline their models by type and make the naming system less difficult to understand.