M-Class Might change to GLE-Class Next Year

Mercedes will rename the M-Class vehicles to GLE-Class to align it with current SUV naming structure



When the new GLE-Class debuts next year, it may actually be the new ML-Class. If that makes sense. In reality, the SUV might change its name to fall more inline with the current Mercedes SUV crop. You have the GLA, GLK, the GL, the G, and future models like the GLC.

It’s too early to say for sure, but if it does happen, it would work to make Mercedes SUVs have the same “G” theme for their names.

Mercedes 2015 C-Class Configurator Now Live




You can now configure “your” 2015 C-Class Online



Now is chance to configure your “new” C-Class to exact way you want it. The 2015 C Class configuator is now live and ready for you spend hours choosing the trim and options that will best suit your taste and needs. You can choose a 4-Matic model at this time, you have choice between the C300 and C400. They start at $40,400 and $48,590, respectively. The C300 has 241 horsepower, while the C400 packs a 329 HP punch. With roughly 10 color choices and roughly 5 wheel choices, you are sure to be able to find the combination that best suits your personal style.

You can chose from Luxury or Sport trims, with a whole slew of modern, tech filled options.

Head on over to MBUSA.com to check out the configuator for yourself!


Patent Photos of S600 Pullman Revealed

Ultra Luxury 21 Foot Long Ultimate S600



The sedan still has four doors but with additional windows along the side to allow rear passengers a better view of the outside world. The sedan boasts room for 8 people: 2 in the front cabin area and 6 in the rear passenger’s area. Of course the rear passengers are coddled with the utmost in luxury.

Mercedes itself may not build the S600 Pullman, rather it may hand over the duties to tuner Brabus. The Armored version of the S600 Pullman is projected to cost $1,000,000.