W205 Production Started In Alabama Plant



W205 Production has commenced at the Mercedes-Benz manufacturing plant in Alabama.



A group of happy employees as well as the governor showed up to show support for the first W205 C-Class to roll out of the Alabama plant.

The build the new C-Class here, 1,000 workers were added to the plant. Additionally,  It has taken roughly 5 years to get everything ready, but they have finally managed to do so.

The Tuscaloosa plant in Alabama will more likely than not also produce the upcoming Mercedes MLC 4 Door Sports SUV Coupe to rival the BMW X6.


2015 Mercedes CLS Refresh

2015 CLS Has Several Cosmetic and Mechanical Changes2015-mercedes-benz-cls   The revised w218 CLS has gained styling that mimics it’s corporate family while still retaining that trademark 4 door coupe look. The revised front bumper and headlight treatment is more modern while still being aggressive. The Facelift will also gain a 9 speed automatic transmission that replaces the 7 speed. The CLS63 AMG will still retain the 7-speed AMG Automatic. Additionally, the availability of the CLS400 marks the first time the CLS will be available with a 6 cylinder in the USA. It’s refreshing to see Mercedes is so keen on keeping the CLS new and fresh.

M178 Engine Details Revealed: 503 HP and 470 Ft. Lbs. Torque

AMG-GT to be powered by 503 HP M178 Engine


The upcoming AMG-GT will be powered by a 503 HP M178 V8 Twin Turbo engine. The engine has dry sump lubrication, turbos in the v banks of the engine, and a impressive 470 Ft. Lbs. of Torque. We have already added sound clips of the M178 engine and it definitely sounds impressive.

Check out this clip of the engine details and specifics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHAaVrR4LZs

This engine is also rumored to power the next gen C63 AMG, which would also make that vehicle quite impressive.

Brabus Tunes GLA 45 AMG to 400HP



Tuner Brabus adds magic to the already potent GLA 45 AMG


Love the GLA 45 AMG, but wish it had more than 355 HP? Brabus has the answer, thanks to its PowerXtra CGI B45 tuning kit. The B45 tuning kit comes with a engine module that turns up the power to 400 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque – up from and already impressive 355 hp and 332 lb-ft. Brabus claims a 0 to 62 mph time of 4.4 seconds, and a top speed of 168 mph. That’s is a seriously impressive power output when you realize that the GLA 45 AMG uses a 2.0-liter four-cylinder.


The Brabus will also offer wheels from 18-21 inches, an aggressive diffusor and bumper kit, a unique interior treatment, and suspension treatments based on the client will use their GLA.

Overall, this is a package that is superb and seriously fast. If you’re in the market for a compact crossover SUV that has some serious speed, you should consider the GLA 45 AMG.

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Mercedes-Benz Classic Car Center

Classic Center USA is located in Irvine, CA

mercedes benz classic center

The Mercedes-Benz Classic Center in Irvine, CA is the only manufacturer operated facility in the US to offer complete Mercedes-Benz restoration. Additionally, they have a huge classic parts catalog, enabling owners of classic Mercedes-Benz models to find the parts that they need.

According to Mercedes-Benz, “the Classic Center offers appraisals, provides Genuine Mercedes-Benz Classic Parts, and can even host your special event.” The Classic Center also offers vehicles for sale. Their current inventory includes a 1955 300SL W198 “Gullwin,” which had its restoration done in 1997 and 1998. It was also converted to a fully aluminum body with plexiglass windows to mimic one of the 29 limited product all-alloy 300sl’s.

Come and celebrate 120 of Mercedes-Benz heritage and excitement by visiting the Class Center in Irvine, CA!

Magical: The AMG-GT Exhaust Note

AMG-GT Exhaust Note

Rather than release all the details at once, Mercedes is slowly releasing information in regards to its AMG-GT. Recently, they released a series of videos that allow us to hear its amazing engine. Rumored to be a 4.0L Bi-Turbo V8 that will also likely be used in the upcoming C63 AMG, the engine has a menacing rumble.

AMG-GT Exhuast Note



As you can tell from the videos, the final product should be nothing short of stunning.