Mercedes launches a teaser video for the upcoming AMG-GT.

The 50 second video demonstrates the AMG devision’s newest memeber, the upcoming AMG GT. Aimed squarely against the Porsche 911 and slotted below the SLS AMG, the new coupe will need to have some serious credentials.

The bit of information that shares the most information about this upcoming AMG model is: “This is what you get when a company unleashes its creative and engineering forces to combine the absolute best of all it has done into a single, monumental, unwavering engineering achievement.”

Coming from Mercedes and its AMG division, this statement means a lot!

We are eagerly looking forward to getting more details about this machine!

News: Mercedes Working on Revamped G-Class




The G Wagen has been for sale for over 35 years!
g wagen


The Geländewagen has been a Mercedes favorite for a very long time. The classic box shape SUV hasn’t changed much in 35 years. However, Mercedes is not a rush to discontinue this model just yet. In fact, last year was the best sales year for the Geländewagen. Revisions are in place to make the G Wagen larger, lighter, and even more usable. 

Through the increased use of aluminum in the body structure of the G Wagen, the refreshed W463 should weight about 450 pounds less than the current model. Additionally, the refresh will also see the G Wagen grow about 4 inches wider as well, the aid in stability and interior room. Along with revamped engines, new suspension components, steering system and nine-speed automatic transmission round out the mechanical changes.

Stayed for more information on the G Wagen and its refresh.