DIY: How to Check Engine Oil Via Dashboard MFD (Multi-Function Display)

Check the engine oil level via your Merc’s MFD¬†(multi-function display)!

To check the engine oil level of your Mercedes, simply follow the simple instructions below:

Turn ignition on

wait until the display turns into “—————”

hit odometer reset twice

The vehicle’s MFD will then let you know if the oil level is correct or if you need to top it off!

Snapshot: Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake

Spy Photos of the Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake

Variants are the spice of life. In this effect, Mercedes has been busy testing the CLA shooting brake variant. If the shooting brake does it make to production, expect it to be available with the same range of engines found in the CLA Coupe. The consensus is still out if the shoot brake is destined for america or not.

Please take a look at the pictures below and see what you think of the design.

Concept: GLA45 AMG Crossover

A quick look at the forthcoming GLA45 AMG!

AMG cla 45

Mercedes-Benz revealed the GLA45 AMG concept at the Los Angeles Auto Show, giving us a glimpse of the upcoming uber crossover. Using the same¬†355-horsepower, 332 Ft. LBS. Torque turbo 2.0L found in the CLA45 AMG, this crossover promises to be one rapid ride. In fact, it is capable of going 0-60 MPH in about 4.8 seconds. That’s impressive, REALLY impressive. The AMG Performance 4matic and Speedshift DCT work to make the brisk acceleration possible.

Stylistically, the concept is dressed up in 45 and AMG Livery, which adds a striking visual detail to beefed-up GLA. The concept car has special bumpers, side skirts, rear diffusor, rear spoiler, and unique 21 AMG wheels. Expect most of the items to carry over, although they might be toned down a bit for the production version. The white paint works nicely with the graphics and darker aero bits to create a special look.

Look for the production version of the GLA 45 AMG to bow shortly. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures! We can’t wait to drive this!

Leaked: W205 2015 C-Class Photo Shoot

Images of the 2105 W205 C Class from a leaked photo shoot!

The images below show a fully uncovered, production version of the brand new for 2015 W205 C-Class. The vehicle, apparently being photographed for marketing purposes, shows a W205 with the sports package.

The vehicle has a nose reminiscent of the W222 S-Class and the facelifted W212 E-Class. Both vehicles feature a upright grille and headlight treatment with integrated DRL LEDs, sport styled front bumper with three air vents, and a visual crease along the side of the body. The rear reminds us of the W222 more so than the W212.

Overall, this is a gorgeous design and we can’t wait to see it in real life!

Leaked: Next Gen GLK Interior

Spy images of new GLK Interior Revealed

New GLK dashboard

The spy images of the interior on the forthcoming GLK crossover SUV reveal a glimpse of what we already have seen in other Mercedes-Benz products. The interior incorporates a stand-alone LCD screen that controls the COMMAND system and its menus.

Additionally, the GLK will also move away from the three pod gauge cluster in the current model, to a two pod gauge cluster with center info screen, as seen on some other, newer Mercedes models.The interior is, in our opinion, very nice. The materials look first rate, and the interior seems to give off the air of luxury and quality, similar to the new W222 S-Class.

Only time will tell when Mercedes plans to release the new GLK. Our best guess would pin it for the fall of 2015.

New GLK Exterior New GLK gauges binnacle

How To: Change Windshield Cowls On W210 E-Class

DIY: Change Windshield Cowl on W210


Get rid of your unsightly cracked windshield cowls. Look at the cracks and discoloration on the cowl above.

Have you noticed that your windshield cowls are getting discolored, cracked, or are worn? If so, then it’s the perfect time to replace them! This easy DIY will cover the steps needed to change the windshield cowls.

What you will need:
210 831 10 58 Passenger’s Side Cowl
210 831 09 58 Driver’s Side Cowl
Phillips Head Screwdriver

Step 1:

Open the hood all the way up. Located the two philips-head screws, one on each lower edge of the left and right cowl.


Notice the philips-head screw on the lower right side of the cowl. The passenger’s side cowl has the same style screw on the lower left side.


Step 2:

Remove the two philips screws. Once the screws are removed, you will need to slide each cowl towards the center of the car. The left cowl will need to be slided to the right and the right cowl will need to be slided to the left. This is to be able to remove the cowls as each one has a plastic tab that secures into the firewall area.

Notice the plastic tab and how it is inserted into the cowl area

Notice the plastic tab and how it is inserted into the cowl area

Step 3:

Remove the cowls and install the new ones. Installation is reverse of removal and should be very simple. Once secured and the screwed down, you’re done. Simple!

Finished produce! Nice and new!

Finished product! Nice and new!

Look at how nice and black the cowls look.

Look at how nice and black the new cowl looks.

Makes a big difference, especially if you're picky

Makes a big difference – especially if you’re picky about your vehicle’s aesthetics