First Official Images of 2105 C-Class

It has been leaked! Sources say that these are official leaked images of the new generation C-Class. These pictures show a stunning, refined sedan with look that is similar to its big brother, the W222 S-Class. Interior photos are also on point with the official released interior images we’ve already shown you.


W222: 30,000 EU Orders in 3 Months

S63 AMG In Motion

                      W222 S63 AMG

The new W222 S Class has already managed to snag 30,000 sales in the EU. Riding the wave of the restyled new model, Mercedes-Benz has seen strong demand for its range topping sedan model. Have sold roughly 333 S-Class models per day, Mercedes is on track to double the 2012 model sales figures of 65,000 or 178 units sold per day. That is an incredible feat for a vehicle with a starting price of 72,000 Euros.

w222 w222 Rear Bumper and Exhaust

2015 C-Class Interior – First Look

628x471x2015-mercedes-c-class.jpg.pagespeed.ic.ojpx-L_UqyIt’s no surprise, really. The new 2015 W205 C-Class interior is exceptionally nice. The interior features several nice features, like a heads-up-display, GPS Sensitive Air Conditioning, Finger touchpad control, and Smart Passenger seat that disable the airbag automatically.

The whole interior shell is made of lightweight, high-strength steel which works to reduce weight by roughly 220 Pounds versus its predecessor. The attention to detail and overall feeling of the materials used make you think you’re in a S-Class, not a C-Class. The new look is modern, while placing a strong strong emphasis on technology and ergonomics. Truly class leading. Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming 2015 C-Class.



2014 ML CLASS – IIHS Top Safety Pick+ Award

ML IIHS Testing


Thanks to its strengthened front door sills, the 8/2013 and newer ML Class SUV has earned a IIHS Top Safety Pick+ award. The award, indicates that a vehicle has earned a “good” rating for small and moderate front overlap, side, roof strength and seat/restraints during crash evaluations. The 2104 ML is the first Mercedes-Benz to get this accolade.

The new door sills are designed to help the ML withstand head-on collisions with things like a tree or power-line,  that usually cause a shearing action to occur. All-in-All, the 2014 ML is a very safe vehicle. Congrats MB!


Do It Yourself: Restore Your Mercedes Headlight Lenses

Nothing reduces visibility and aesthetics more than a set of headlights that have a foggy, yellow haze.  However, you can make your headlights look like brand new by utilizing the right lens renewal system and some elbow grease.

Described in detail are the steps required to restore the clarity of your headlight lenses on your Mercedes-Benz. The steps are simple and the results – simply amazing. We renewed the lenses on a facelift w210 E55 AMG.

Things you will need:

1. 3M Lens Renewal System – Available at any auto parts store for around $25.  This kit includes everything you will need minus a power drill.  You must have a power drill to get good results.

3M kit


Steps in completing lens renewal:

1) Clean the lights to make sure the lights are as clean as possible.  It is also a good idea to clean the areas around the headlights.  This will ensure that the protective tape adheres properly and doesn’t scratch the paintwork.  After you have done that, lift up the hood and carefully cover the exposed body panels with the included green painters tape.  Your results should look something like this (click the image to see how the lights looked before we started):

Headlights Taped up


2) The next step involves a power drill.  We used a drill that plugs in.  If you drill is run off of a battery, make sure that it has sufficient charge to last for about 30 minutes of continuous use.  Look in the kit and you will find a Velcro drill attachment.  Lock this into place.  Next, find the yellow sanding disk.  There are six in the package.  Apply the yellow sanding disk to the Velcro attachment.  Sand the headlights by slightly tilting the drill and going in up and down motions.  Do not leave the drill in the same spot, make sure you are continually moving the drill.  This will eliminate the chance for any scoring.  In this process you are trying to remove the oxidized yellow layer.  Make sure to sand enough off the headlights so that the oxidized layer is removed.  Change the sanding disks often to ensure proper effectiveness.  Once you are done, it should look like:

Polish compount applied


3) After you have finished using the yellow sanding disk,  you will switch to the white sanding disk (800 grit).  Make sure to wipe off any residue on the headlights to ensure that the disk doesn’t get clogged.  This process will smooth out the deep scratches caused by the yellow sanding disk.  Make sure to follow the same precautions as before -replace the pads often and don’t hold the drill in the same spot.  Sand until the headlights have the same uniform cloudiness.

sanding with white


4) Again, wipe off any residue from the lights to make sure you have a clean surface.  Attach the grey sanding pad to the drill attachment (3000 grit).  This process involves water to wet sand the lights to a smooth finish.  Using a spray bottle, spray water on the headlight lenses and on the grey sanding pad.  It is important to keep the headlights and the pad wet at all times.  Wet sand the lights until they start clearing up.  You will notice that the lights are starting to look almost clear and like new.  Continue on all lights until the lenses have the same clarity.

Water Polish 3000 Grit


5) Finally, attach the peach colored foam pad to the drill attachment.  Included in the kit is plastic polish.  Apply a little amount of the plastic polish on the pad.  Make sure to smear polish you applied on the pad to the headlight, otherwise the polish will splash everywhere.  Using a circular motion, polish the lights until they are crystal clear.  You will need to add more polish as soon as the pad starts to dry up a little bit.  After all of your hard work you will lights will look like they are brand new units.  Check out the finished result below!

finished result finished result 2


As you can see, the kit is very easy to use and the results are superb. This is a project anyone can do to improve the visibility and restore the cosmetic condition of any Mercedes-Benz with plastic headlight lenses.

CLA250 Shows Strong Initial Demand

cla250 side profile

The CLA250 has so far been a sales success for Mercedes-Benz. In its first month of sales, Mercedes has managed to move 2,300 units. Impressive.

Combined with other vehicle sales, Mercedes-Benz posted a 6.7% sales increase in September sales. This increase has helped Mercedes-Benz to eclipse the next sales leader BMW, by 2,491 cars.

The revised 2014 E-Class also posted a sales increase of 17% as well. This is based on the redesign on the model for the 2014 year most likely.

Kudos, Mercedes-Benz!