Garmin to provide navigation for new Mercedes-Benz Models

Mercedes to use Garmin as the official navigation provider in upcoming infotainment systems

Mercedes-Benz has announced that Garmin will provide navigation routing technology for it’s upcoming vehicles with infotainment systems. Over the next four years, the Garmin technology will be incorporated into Mercedes-Benz infotainment systems across model ranges.

Garmin, an award winning global satellite navigation provider, states that their easy-to-use intuitive navigation technology will also be shown to the driver in a screen behind the steering wheel. That screen will display up coming turns and other important vehicle information.




W463 Headlight DIY – How to install G Wagon headlights

This article will describe in detail what is required to install factory or aftermarket G Wagon headlights on your G500, G550, G55 AMG, G63 AMG, or other G Wagon.

Tools needed:

Flathead Screwdriver
Phillips Screwdriver
Slim Profile Pliers

Step 1. The headlight has two covers. You will need to locate the two phillips-head screws as shown in the picture as the red circles. Once these are located, you will need to unscrew them, using a counterclockwise motion (left). Once loose, make sure you do not loose the screws.

w463 headlight installation (Step 1)

Step 2. Once the two phillips-head screws are loosened to point where the cover can come off, you are ready to remove the front cover. You will need to remove the front headlight cover using a two motion movement. First, you will need to pull the headlight cover towards you, and then pull straight up on the cover towards the sky. The reason for this is that there are two tabs that hold the cover on. they are designed to keep the cover on, so you must pull straight up while gently pulling out to safety remove the cover.

w463 headlight installation (Step 2)


Step 3. You are now ready to remove the remaining 3 phillips-head screws that hold the complete headlight onto the headlight bucket housing. Please see the picture for the location of these screws. Please do not loose the screws.

w463 headlight installation (Step 3)

w463 headlight installation (Step 3.1)


Step 4. Unplug the connectors on the back of the headlight to completely free it from the G Wagon. One is for the High/Low beam and the other is for the parking lights.


w463 headlight installation (Step 3.2)


Step 5. Once the headlight is removed, you will have to remove the headlight aiming adjuster pieces. There is a black plastic cover on top of the headlight adjuster screw, you will need to remove it.

w463 headlight installation (Step 5)


Step 6. Once you have removed the plastic cap, you will need to remove that long adjustment screw. The long screw has a ball shaped head that can be removed from the secondary headlight leveler. It pops off of the leveler.

w463 headlight installation (Step 6)


Step 7. Once the long screw is removed, you will need to remove the black headlight leveler. This cone shaped item can be removed by using pliers and rotating the piece clockwise. Once removed, please save it, since you will need it for the new lights.

w463 headlight installation (Step 7)

w463 headlight installation (Step 7.1)


Step 8. Grab the new lights and the long screw that was removed in step 6. You will need to re-install the screw into the new lights. The ball seat simply pops into the white cap as shown in the picture. Next, grab the cone shaped black headlight adjustment leveler and and slide the screw into it and turn it counter-clockwise to lock it in.

w463 headlight installation (Step 8)

Step 9. You are now ready to install the new lights onto the G Wagon. Please reference the picture below. You will reverse steps 4 through 1 for installation of the new lights.

w463 headlight installation (Step 9)

Step 10. Finished product.